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Lucy Watts


Polestar Pilates MENTOR, Pilates Matwork, Diploma of Pilates Studio & Rehabilitation Method, Barre Attack & Power Plate Instructor, Freeform board and Oov Foundations instructor

Lucy began her training at age four at The Kenthurst School of Dancing studios in Sydney. She was involved in TV, dancing for channel 9 from a young age. Later she moved to Melbourne to train full-time at Dance World Studios where she received her Diploma of Performing Arts. Throughout her studies, Lucy was lucky enough to be involved in TV performances for Fox 8 as well as working with many successful vocal and acting coaches.

In 2008 she was accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), where she spent three years refining her dance skills to receive a Bachelor of Dance degree. Lucy has also landed ensemble roles in renowned operas by the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Victoria, including The Merry Widow (2008) and The Arcadians (2010) under the direction of Robert Ray and Ben Kiley. More recently, Lucy has been working in a number of clubs in the fitness and sporting industries.

She works with a number of athletes including Elite Trampolinists and Artistic Gymnasts on their alignment, ballet training and choreographing floor routines for the international stage. She has taught dance, Pilates (Dip.), Barre and gentle stretching in local high schools and dance centres.

Lucy currently mentors for Polestar Pilates Australia sharing her knowledge and guiding up and coming Pilates instructors in training, as well as coaches on the online space with world class athletes. Lucy, with the help of her team, works within the community with the aging population taking them through personalised Pilates based movement programs that has been, and continues to be hugely rewarding for all involved. Lucy uses her love of movement as a vehicle for transforming her clients into the greatest versions of themselves.

Lauren McGrath


Diploma of Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Method, Cert IV in Pilates Matwork Instruction Method, Cert in Ballet Teaching Studies ARAD,Member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia

Lauren is an ex-Classical Ballet Dancer. She has many years of experience as a Professional Ballet Teacher, teaching young children to full time pre-professional dancers.

She has been dancing since the age of five and trained full time as professional student at the McDonald College and Ecole, Ballet School in Sydney.

Lauren has performed with the Premier State Ballet Company, Ecole Ballet Theatre and Studio Tibor’s Ballet Company. Performing Don Quioxte, Sleeping Beauty and the famous Pas de Quatre were some of Lauren’s career highlights.

Through dancing, Lauren was first introduced to Pilates at the age of 12. Pilates brought Lauren body awareness, muscular strength, and longer, leaner lines through her body. She noticed a huge improvement in her performance. After ankle surgery during her full time training, Pilates assisted Lauren’s rehabilitation, decreased recovery time and helped to maintain her strength while unable to dance.

This inspired Lauren to become a Pilates Instructor.

She was driven to cross train dancers and athletes to help them become aware of their bodies, improve their performance and prevent them from injury.

Lauren completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates instructor training with Polestar Pilates.

Working with dancers and athletes was only the beginning of her journey as a Pilates Instructor. Pilates continues to inspire Lauren and her passion shines through her teaching. Lauren enjoys working with a variety of clients and seeing the amazing results it brings to each individual. She believes Pilates creates a very powerful and personal journey for every person and strives to help and educate her clients.

Lauren is also a Barre instructor. She completed her Booty Barre training with creator Tracey Mallet.

Lauren has a fun and genuine style of teaching, she cares deeply for her clients. She brings support and positive challenges to each session and commits to helping every client achieve their goals.

Nicole Axford

Pilates Diploma of Studio and Rehabilitation, Cert IV Pilates Matwork Instructor & Barre Instructor

Nicole has always been drawn to sport from a young age, having been a representative netball player, cross country runner and competitor in athletics. At age 13 she began her ballet training at The Ballet School Australia where Pilates became a big part of her total body conditioning regime.

She is now completing her undergraduate degree in Human Science, majoring in Human Movement at Macquarie University, and plans to continue on to become a physiotherapist. She is also completing Certificate IV in Pilates Matwork under the Polestar method. Nicole has always been intrigued by the body and what it can do and is very enthusiastic and passionate about Pilates and how it contributes to total body and mind wellbeing.

Toneya Kingham

Dip.Performing Arts (DANCE) & Matwork instructor

Toneya has a dance & performance background where she started dancing at a young, training in Classical Ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, commercial jazz, Broadway and acrobatics. She always knew that being creative and physical was going to be the focal point of her career. In 2009, Toneya studied full-time at Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre where she trained in Pilates to help enrich her Classical studies. Toneya obtained a Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) at ED5 International after studying and training full-time during 2012-2013. Toneya has obtained her Certificate of Ballet Teaching Studies through the Royal Academy of Dance during 2016-2017.

Toneya has been performing professionally and has worked with some of the industry’s most prominent teachers and choreographers. Some of Toneya’s highlights have been performing at Marquee Sydney (The Star), dancing at the City of Dreams in Manila, the Philippines, performing two summer contracts on Sydney Showboat and performing throughout Sydney with her agent Dargie Entertainment.

Toneya wanted to further her understanding of the body so during 2019 she began her studies at the highly recognised Pilates institution, Polestar Education. During this time she began to truly love and appreciate the art of Pilates and could see the benefits that it had on her body.

In Pilates there are always new opportunities to learn and grow and to adapt movements to suit all bodies. Toneya is excited to share her knowledge with everyone and to continue to learn the art of Pilates.

Jiwon Han

PILATES MATWORK INSTRUCTOR, Studio Pilates International Matwork Certificate

Bachelor of Performing Arts (Dance and Performance)

Jiwon started dancing from age five and continued full-time, graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Dance and Performance (Classical and Contemporary Dance) at Australian Dance Performance Institute in Queensland. Throughout her time as a full timer, Jiwon trained with world class teachers and achieved first place at Sydney Eisteddfods in Sydney’s Opera House.

With endless hours of training, Jiwon felt a deep understanding of what it meant to be in tune with the body. Post ankle surgery, she continued her rehabilitation with Pilates which strengthened back her body and allowed her to continue with her passion in Dance.

Later she moved to Sydney to complete her Bachelor in Dance and Performance, where she worked closely with trainers from Cirque De Soleil.

Jiwon grew a love and passion for Pilates and trained to certify in Matwork Pilates as she continues to realise what more it can do for the body, both daily and long-term.

Lauren Uidam

PILATES INSTRUCTOR – Polestar Pilates & BASI certified Barre Instructor

Bachelor of Education (Special Education), Cert IV of Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Method, Certified in Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Mat Pilates Teacher Training, Certified in Barre

As a degree qualified teacher, Lauren initially discovered her love for Pilates after having her three children and appreciated the benefits of increasing her strength, control and confidence.

After a number of years as a Pilates client, Lauren was inspired and wanted to share her two passions of teaching and Pilates by initially completing Pilates Mat and Barre certification, and shortly after added full studio training through Polestar Pilates to deepen her knowledge and application of the method. Lauren now holds a Bachelor of Education (Special Education), Diploma of Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Method, BASI Mat Pilates Teacher and International Barre certification.

Lauren’s approach to movement is to meet your where you are at, no matter who you are or what your experience level is. She brings a fun, personalised and wholistic approach to wellness and encourages the importance of a strong mind & body connection.

Luke Smith

Polestar Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Method Instructor

Luke has been an avid sportsman throughout his life. He played rugby league and rugby union up until his late teens, however his real passion throughout his life has been surfing.

He’s travelled the world in pursuit of this passion, became a certified surf instructor many years ago and continues to surf and teach presently.

Luke discovered Pilates due to a series of neck injuries that had kept him out of the water.

In his own words, “My chiropractor introduced me to a local, respected Pilates Practitioner. I walked in to see him about my neck issue and was completely surprised to find he not only addressed my neck, but the rest of my body as well, as he uncovered restrictions and compensations in my body from past injuries, work and sport, I was sold with the Pilates Method from that day on!”

Luke’s motivations as a Pilates instructor are to help clients achieve their personal movement goals and continue learning and developing his Pilates knowledge and experience.